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About Us

HOODZ is a national chain of companies that cleans commercial kitchen exhaust systems. We service schools, restaurants, hotels, the healthcare industry and more. We are known for providing consistent, quality service whether it is cleaning exhaust systems, our specialty, or providing other cleaning services.

Why work for HOODZ?

We have a positive impact.

57% of commercial fires start due to improper cleaning of kitchen hoods. Help protect lives through your work, as the work that you do matters.

We fully equip you for success.

Our company provides the tools you need to be successful, such as equipment, on-going training, uniforms, and a HOODZ vehicle.

We are confident in your abilities.

Every evening will take you somewhere new, and you’ll have the freedom and trust to do each job well as you represent the HOODZ brand.

What our employees say

  • I love working for Hoodz because I don't have to deal with rush hour traffic, I get to see some awesome views on the roof tops of some restaurants, and hood cleaning is a necessity so you'll always have a job security.
    Josh D.
  • I have been a lead tech at HOODZ for a few years and like responsibilities, problem solving and nobody constantly looking over my back.
    Eric O.
  • The things I like about this industry are the places you get to see, and people you get to meet. You are acknowledged when you are in need of help and you are get complimented on your work.
    Kenny M.